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The Case Of The Volcano Mystery: A Novelization (adventures Of Mary-kate And Ashley)

Rating Rating 4
Case Of The Volcano Mystery A Novelization

Scholastic Paperbacks

ISBN: 0590880144
Author: Carol Thompson


Three marshmallow-mining prospectors have been scared away from their mine by a claim-jumping, snowball-throwing monster. In a wild volcanic wilderness like Jelly Jungle, what kind of monster can the twins be up against?
Searching for a remarkable children's book? Case Of The Volcano Mystery: A Novelization : a novelization is a fantastic children's book. Written by Carol Thompson and the publisher is Scholastic Paperbacks. It went on sale sometime in 1997. At the library the reference number is C. The book has 64 pages and it has illustrations. Dualstar Publications Parachute Press, Inc, click on the hyperlink below.

Exploring the Mexican jungle, Mary-Kate and Ashley meet 3 miners who assume they are being chased by a monster, and seeking to disprove the monster's existence, the twins discover strange, snow-covered footprints. Original."


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