Kids Books about Volcanoes

Volcanoes (let's-read-and-find-out Science 2)

Rating Rating 4


MPN: 9780064451895
ISBN: 0064451895
Author: Franklyn M. Branley

Discusses volcanoes, what causes an eruption, and the warning signs.
Your children will love Volcanoes. The author is Franklyn M. Branley and it was published in March of 2008 by HarperCollins. The child's book is centered on Volcanoes and it is viewed as outstanding juvenile literature. This version is the Newly illustrated ed. is 40 pages long and it has colorfully illustrated pictures.

Volcanoes are one of nature's great wonders. For years they can stand dormant, but once active they can erupt in tremendous explosions of energy. What are the causes of an eruption and what are the warning signs? Luckily, geologists can now approximate when an eruption will happen. Read and find out! Some eruptions are so big, they change the earth's climate.


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